The school has independent, well-equipped laboratories, a dissection hall, a library and the latest technology such as video conferencing, etc. to facilitate learning. The facilities are upgraded to match the medical standards of teaching in any international country.


The campus has an entire street of eateries that offer hygienic, healthy food at pocket-friendly prices. The food street, called Swasthya Marg, is also well equipped with convenience stores, xerox and printing shops, stationery shops, ATMs and laundry services.


Students can choose from single or double occupancy rooms in the apartment complexes listed with the Ramaiah Group. The rooms are furnished with a bed and mattress, a study table and a chair as well as cupboards. Each room has an attached bathroom equipped with a geyser. The apartments have a common living area with a dining table and chairs. Each apartment also has a refrigerator and a washing machine. All rooms have wi-fi.

The accommodation is safe and comfortable, and encourages communal living among students. The apartment complexes are 3 km away from the main campus and college buses can be used for the commute. Alternatively, students can choose to travel by public transport as well.

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The campus has facilities for both indoor sports and outdoor sports, including a multi-gym with qualified trainers for boys and girls. Facilities for table tennis, and courts for basketball, tennis and badminton are also available

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Bengaluru offers a multicultural experience with access to a thriving, young culture. With over 1000 colleges and universities, Bengaluru is one of the youngest cities in India. Students have access to this experience through art, culture, museums and a multitude of cuisines in the city